America Loses Manufacturing Jobs, Gains Service Jobs in November

November was a big month for service providers in the U.S. with more than 225,000 jobs being added in those industries throughout the month according to ADP. Much of this hiring is likely due to the Christmas season being just around the corner, since the transportation and trade sector saw the biggest increase with about 69,000 new positions being filled.

Retail B&M businesses are increasing their employee base to accommodate the influx of shoppers, while major transit and logistics companies are hiring more drivers, packers and loaders.

Continuing the manufacturing sector slide, November saw about 10,000 job losses among manufacturers, making it 4 straight months without a gain and a total loss of 56,000 manufacturing jobs this year alone. December is traditionally a month when manufacturing jobs are added, but it still looks likely that the U.S. will see anywhere from 50,000 to 55,000 manufacturing jobs being lost in 2016.

Overall, the economy added about 216,000 jobs, more than the 170,000 predicted by most economists.

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