The 45 American Public/Private Rocket Launches Scheduled for 2017 Will Support More Than 158,000 Space-related Jobs

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a healthy space program can lead to more jobs and an increase in economic activity. Professionals ranging from aerospace engineers to fuel truck drivers all benefit directly from having a steady stream of launches, with 2017 seeing a launch from American shores about once every eight days in 2017.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 158,000 people depend on the rocket and satellite maintenance industry in both the public and private sector.

This does not take into account all of the jobs created in the last three decades specifically because of the nation’s space-faring capabilities, which is likely at least 100 times that number. Every DISH Network technician and app developer has the rocket industry to thank for their paycheck.

At an average salary of about $68,500 for the industry, the launches support around $10.8 billion worth of direct economic activity.

If the 45 planned launches take place, it will mark the highest number of American orbital launches in a calendar year excluding sub-orbital launches. Like many schedules, some launches will likely be delayed past 2017 and some may be scrapped completely. Still, 2017 will probably be one of the space industry’s busiest years in decades.

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